With each passing day, the competitive nature of the corporate world is on the rise. Competitiveness in the industry is not just limited to work, output, and profit, but further encompasses workplace aesthetics, to attract the crème de la crème. Investing in office decor, sustainable spaces, and the addition of various amenities for the employees seems to be very advantageous, evident by the design trends seen in the modern workplaces today. Such creativity-inducing spaces help incorporate innovation at work and enable the employees to perform to the best of their potential.

Here are seven incredible office design ideas for 2020:

office design

Green Buildings

The most prominent trend seen in today’s modern offices is the incorporation of the idea of sustainability. Expert architects design green office buildings in such a manner that all the areas in the office get ample natural light and fresh air. This minimizes the need for the use of LED lights in the office during the day time. Often, solar panels are installed on the top of the building to generate electricity most sustainably. Furthermore, these incredibly conceptualized office buildings have large open spaces, abundant vegetation, and attractive, welcoming designs that provide a great first impression to the clients and help induce out-of-the-box thinking amongst the employees.

Minimalist Designs

Long gone are the days when offices looked dull and boring, cluttered with immovable furniture, repetitive designs, and almost non-existent recreational spaces. Contemporary office designs are elite and minimalist, where each piece of furniture, often lightweight and easy to shift, has more than one function, thus minimizing the need for additional furniture. This arrangement inculcates the idea of ‘most out of least’, wherein the office furnishings can be easily accommodated in any given area, making the most out of the workspace. This, in turn, provides access to lush open spaces that look very inviting. Moreover, this allows for the usage of a given space in a variety of different ways, say, the transformation of a conference area to a common area, just by shifting the mobile furniture. 

minimal office design

Think Colors 

Workplaces that are colored monochromatically with sombre and muted colors can seem very uninteresting. It’s a widely known fact that top multinational companies like Google like to keep things interesting, especially by the utilization of ample colors throughout the office area. This is played to benefit from the psychological fact that bright, colorful spaces are very enticing and induce a sense of positivity in people. Not just the walls, but the furniture can also be colored differently from the norm for the office to look attractive to clients and employees, alike.

Classic Vogue Meets Contemporary

Recently, the classic office design trends have made a great comeback in the corporate world, but with a touch of modern. Refurbishing old buildings into trendy corporate workplaces is not an unheard tradition. These retro masterpieces that amalgamate the best of vintage and contemporary are primarily adopted by the metropolitan-based companies that want to make a statement. The office design is based on the classic corporate design often advertised by the soap operas, topped up by the addition of useful modern features. The redefined vogue design enables the corporation to show its clients that it is, in fact, in touch with its roots, and yet isn’t afraid to venture into new possibilities.

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Recreation Galore

The addition of a plethora of recreational amenities is a feature that can be seen in most of the multinational corporations and is an essential requirement for keeping employees happy. The saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ applies equally to the corporate world too, wherein, to maximize the efficiency of the employees, it is vital for them not to feel overworked. This is ensured by providing ample recreational activities and amenities for the employees to take their minds off work for some time and reinvigorate. This allows them to go back to work at hand, with a bright and fresh mindset. Most of the novel ideas that are introduced by a company come from content employees. Facilities such as gym, spa, gaming room comprising PlayStations, table tennis equipment  and various board games such as chess are standard in many corporations for its workers to take advantage of.

Artistic Patterns 

Adding artistic patterns throughout the office, comprising abstract structures or geometric ornamentation is a trend that’s catching up pretty fast. This could include hanging eye-catching metal geometric shapes from the ceiling using a sturdy catenary wire, or installing abstract statue figures all around the office to add to the workplace aesthetics. The addition of such artistic pieces and biophilic designs might help produce original ideas during brainstorming sessions. 

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Workstation Delight 

The most sought-after companies provide free-range cohabitation areas and open spaces that make the highest company personnel easily accessible to the employees. Moreover, the provision of personalized workstations that can be customized by employees according to their needs is a common feature of many top corporations. The customizable feature allows the workers to tailor their desks or cubicles to suit their style or needs. As an upcoming trend, many modern workplaces even allow for the utilization of lobbies, stairs, or outdoor spaces like balconies and terraces as contemporary workspaces for the employees to augment their productivity. Multinational companies and startups which aim to attract the millennials almost always possess such personalization design features. 

A myriad of office design trends can be seen in the world of modern corporations, which make them stand out from the rest. Such unique features make the said companies highly appealing to the young creative minds of today. Following suit, many upcoming startups have also started adopting these popular modern design trends at their offices. Employing one or more of the Above-listed office designs at your corporation this year could favorably increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and hence, the output of the corporation as a whole.

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