Commercial Real Estate Agents

To many people, commercial real estate agents conjure up images of smug and distrustful salesy slicksters. The characterization is that they at best add little value, and at worst represent their own interests over those of their clients via a hard-sell.

That caricature of real estate agents is bombastic and misleading. Particularly with respect to tenant/buyer rep agents (as opposed to listing agents), and it’s doubly untrue for Digsy Experts. Our company exists because we believe that we can make the experience of finding office, retail, or industrial space for rent a simple process where client and agent interests are well aligned. Here’s how:


Expert Screening

Potential Digsy experts are licensed commercial real estate agents whom undergo a vetting process whereby we glean, to a high degree of certainty, that partner has a friendly, helpful, and mutually beneficial approach to clients. Salesy slicksters need not apply.


Digsy Expert Rating System

After exceeding our qualification threshold, Digsy experts are given a base score. As they continue providing responsive communication and to our clients, the expert’s score rises accordingly. The idea here is that in order to help folks find space, our experts need to be consistently helpful. This is not always the case for all commercial real estate agents due to their incentive structure as commission-only professionals. That is always teh case for Digsy experts however.


Our Client Success Team stays on top of the broad strokes of our client’s commercial space search. Client Success (CS) ensures that the client experience is second to none. CS makes sure that every expert keeps up the momentum on every client’s search. Our aim is for the perpetual thumbs up and we have systems in place to achieve that.

That was the “how” of what Digsy Experts do. Here’s the “what”:



This is an art and Digsy Experts do it for a living. They intimately know the market realities. They know the points of leverage in negotiating the best price for their clients. This is akin to how a skilled rock climber is capable of noticing and using holds & footings from small nubs and cracks which the rest of us would not be able to utilize. This market-reflective art is about making sure offers are respectable while trying to save tenants money at the same time.


Tools to access off-market properties

There are a number fundamental reasons why many of the best commercial spaces may never be publicly marketed. Nevertheless, Digsy experts have access not only to all of the major pay-per-view listing services, but also have access into the portfolios of larger management companies who know of upcoming vacancies which are not yet available, as well as pocket listings.


5 star service

It’s 5 stars or bust, which is in stark contrast with the Glengarry Glen Ross culture which is commonplace the old guard CRE firms. Our experts have a Hobson’s Choice: give top-notch service 100% of the time, or no soup for you!


Inspiration for post title: Commercial Real Estate Agents and Digsy Experts, how do they work?