Wonder how you can generate more hot leads in 5 minutes instead of wasting weeks making 1,000s of cold calls? 

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At Digsy email to identify which of your 1,000s of prospects is interested in what you’re offering — right now. 

Check out the video above to see how you can use email automation, open count, click and link tracking to quickly identify who is in the market for what you’re selling this minute.

We do this every day at our company.

We did a campaign yesterday and we generated dozens of leads and tours for some of our Digsy listing users.


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What’s up, everyone? Its Andrew Bermudez co-founder
and CEO of Digsy – the commercial real estate search engine where you can list your properties
for free and you can also search
for commercial real estate
whether it’s office industrial real estate anything retail whatever go to getdigsy.com today.
I want to talk about neat thing
for business owners who are looking
for their sales team to grow their business quickly
and also commercial real estate professionals to grow their business quickly
and I wrote this post about a a week ago and it was asking “hey,
would you like to know a trick where you can get more return without making 1000s of cold calls?”
The views and the engagement on that was in the comments were pretty overwhelming.
So here’s what it is and nobody talks about…
it and it’s email is KING — at anything!
and mainly I’ll tell you why the reasons the email is KING. 1) With an email address….
when you send an email, you can send it to multiple people — personalized
looking like it came from Our Outlook. that’s one.
So instead of making cold calls
sitting on hold — the average cold call at 7.5 minutes, to make a 100 phone calls.
It would take you, you know, 12 hours, and some change. Instead,
You can send an email to 100s of people, thousands of people in just a few seconds.
But the beauty about emails this when somebody opens your email,
you know, what location they open it.
You also know how many times they’ve opened it,
you know, if they’ve clicked on.
You know a lot of more information — and these are called BUYING SIGNALS.what’s a buying signal? For example,
if somebody’s in the mall, that’s a buying signal
because they’re there for a reason. Are they there
for entertainment? or are they there because most likely they want to make a transaction happen?
So that’s the key! It’s engagement — tells you what the buying signal is.
So let’s say for example, I’m selling software
as a service or insurance or I’m selling investment real estate.
And what I want to do is, I want to find out from my database who would be most likely interested
and I also want to know outside of my database where
they so what I would do is, I would go to a tool called like VoilaNorbert, which I’ll link below,
or Uplead,
which is another tool we use,
and then find people in the area. If you’re selling commercial real estate,
you may want to check out Reonomy. I’ll put a link in description below.
And also if you guys want to get a discount
on Reonomy, leave me a comment
or contact me through one of my links below and I’ll hook you up with the Reonomy people.
But you can actually get email addresses
for let’s say the building owners, you can get email addresses, Etc
and then you can use your database.
So you grab all those together
and then what you do is you send an email
and you can do this through ConstantContact, MailChimp, etc.
but I would suggest using a tool like let’s say Persist IQ,
which allows you to create an email campaign that automatically follows-up
or you can use our lead management and lead generation tool,
Digsy Ai. I’ll link it below.
And what that is – is when you send the email, it’ll tell you how many times they’ve opened the email
and what the engagement is.
And Digsy Ai does is pretty well.
So, the one thing there is, that you send an email
and you attach let’s say a link to the brochure
Etc or the attachment. You can set up
as an attachment and then
once somebody goes in and you just send that email in the morning and 8 a.m.
The best time of day to send it out (just so you know),
Tuesday’s have the highest open rates.
So Tuesday is like like your golden ticket to attention.
Send it out 8 o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday.
You can also do an 8 o’clock a.m. You know,
Wednesday Thursday Friday Etc.
Don’t do Mondays because that’s catch-up day
for a lot of people. Then what you do is you come back.
Let’s say 5 minutes later, 1 hour later.
And then what you do is you look at who are the people who opened it THE MOST
and those people, when you call them — (most likely if you see a lot of opens
they have forwarded-it to other people in their company
or their network or their investor group.)
What you can also do is you can, for Digsy Ai is you can click-to-dial.
With whatever tool you’re using….
Just look up there contact formation. Go “Hey Barry, I sent you an email this morning
(and you don’t freak them out and say I’ve notice you opened it 15 times.)
Just go “Hey, just are wanted to see what kind of Investments are you looking for?”
Excetera. If you’re selling software and insurance package you go.
”Hey, so I just want to chat with you.
You know, I sent you an email this morning.” “Oh, yeah. I got it.” You know,
we like to chat about this. I’m like,
”What are some of the challenges you’re having?”
or “What kind of properties are you looking
for?” and that will guarantee you that you get high-intent calls.
I’m not B.S’ing you guys. I actually did this
as a test just to make sure that I wasn’t screwing around, yesterday.
So I grabbed our database of people in the market searching
for commercial properties on getdigsy.com.
And I sent them all a personal email
and then an 1 later, I went
in and checked the the people with the highest engagement and I called them up. In the afternoon,
we had already scheduled a tour
for one of our brokers who was going to show them a building!
(if he gives me permission, I’ll link him below
so you can get his testimony on this) but it’s Effin’ magic.
So, instead of making a 1,000 cold calls – take five minutes,
and send an email through a tool where that measures open rates
and clicks, etc… and go ahead and sort it – or use Digsy Ai.
There’s a 30-day free trial where you can test it out.
And any email coming from it, actually will be in your sent items
because it actually books into your email and automates it. Or you can use Persist IQ.
I’ll link all this stuff below. But tell me what you think.
If you want to receive more of these hacks and you don’t want to miss any of them,
please subscribe to our newsletter. It’s www.digsy.co/cre_hacks
I’ll link that below
too, and then that way you’ll get these tips in your email. The other thing too is if you’ve got
commercial real estate properties that you want to get Leased
or Sold, or if you’re in the market searching for commercial real estate go to getdigsy.com
It’s free to use and list unlimited properties,
and you can also go ahead
and search for properties for free. Andrew Bermudez, Co-Founder and CEO of Digsy. Andrew out!


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