You can’t generate commercial real estate leads by incessantly calling and emailing prospects every day, so when the right time comes, you get their business.

They’ll unsubscribe or block you!

Many commercial real estate professionals are still using the same old and outdated methods to try to generate commercial real estate leads.

It’s a crazy method.

Think about the method of picking up the phone, dialing a long list of people one-by-one, leaving a voicemail, and sending an email to remind commercial real estate prospects that you exist only to find it just isn’t working.

It’s time-consuming and too easy for people to hit the “block caller” or “spam” button when they get countless phone calls and emails from you.

It’s time for a new approach.

Main Objective. Stay Visible Without Being Annoying, Convert More CRE Prospects Into Leads | Digsy

Main Objective. Stay Visible Without Being Annoying, Convert More CRE Prospects Into Leads

 With today’s technology, we have much better (and less obtrusive) options to stay in front of prospective clients.

Social Media Is The Answer

Social Media To Stay in Front of CRE Prospects | Digsy

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Many people avoid using online platforms, such as social media. It has a bigger stigma among so many commercial real estate professionals with many of them making fun of others who use it to drum up business.

Social media is a great way to stay in front of prospects without being pushy and inundating their voicemail and email inboxes.

So let’s ask ourselves, why don’t people use social media? And why don’t people understand it?

Social media can be time-consuming and daunting to keep up with. It seems every few months a new social media platform is popping up. But, are there benefits to staying connected with prospects in just a few social media platforms? YES! 

Which one should you use?

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok?

Keep reading, it’s coming 🙂

One of the most significant benefits of using social media to stay in front of prospects is that it helps maintain your visibility for your commercial real estate properties, knowledge and expertise by tapping into parts of a strategy called, The Omni Channel Marketing Strategy.

Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

Omni Channel Marketing Strategy | Digsy

What is Omni Channel? Omni Channel means you’re using every communication channel available to stay top of mind with your prospects so you can generate more commercial real estate leads.

It is an easy and non intrusive approach that allows you get in front of a prospect wherever their attention may be.

An Omni Channel strategy helps expand the way you’re reaching out to prospects without exhausting a single resource channel like phone or email.


Here’s How to Generate Commercial Real Estate Leads Without Being Annoying

How to Generate Commercial Real Estate Leads Without Being Annoying | Digsy

Phone/voicemail: Continue making phone calls and leaving voicemails but add in other channels

Email: Continue sending emails without over sending.

LinkedIn: Send connection invitations to prospects on Linkedin. LinkedIn is the industry standard for connecting with professionals and businesses and has been well adopted by the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Posting videos and other content (that is of value to your prospect) is seen passively by prospects, which allows you to stay in front of them by sharing useful information without overwhelming them.

Other social media platforms: After connecting on LinkedIn, consider adding your prospects on Twitter, Facebook, and so on to expand visibility.

But your first best bet is LinkedIn!

Engage, Like and Comment

Engage, Like and Comment | Digsy

Once you’ve added and followed prospects through various social media platforms, be sure to Like, comment, and share what they’re posting.

Not only does “Liking” a post make you passively visible to the prospect, but it also shows that you care enough to take time out of your busy day to show interest.

This builds trust and helps create a relationship.

Why? Because people like doing business with people they like.

Furthermore, viewing their post gives you insight into what’s important to them.

This insight may be Just what you need to find the “wants and needs” of your prospect and ultimately lead you to a deal.

Get Personal

Get Personal | Digsy

Social media allows you to measure the amount of personal exposure you want people to notice about you.

Posting pictures or videos about yourself and your family slowly lets prospects get to know you without ever having to physically interact with them.

Now, when you make that phone call, the prospect is more likely to answer and say,

“Hey, Bobby! Love the videos you posted about the restaurant down here in San Diego. Was it good?”

You get straight to them, rather than getting locked-up by the receptionist.

That’s the power of social media!

Message Prospects. Add Value

Message Prospects. Add Value | Digsy

After interacting with prospects and getting to know them a bit, don’t be afraid to send them a message.

Mention how you enjoyed their posts or videos and that you would be happy to expand their reach by sharing them with your network.

After a while, they feel like they know you, and call you when they think about commercial real estate.

That’s how you generate more commercial real estate leads without being annoying.

Summary | Digsy

Summary of Main Tips: 

  • Continue to Stay in touch using traditional communications.
  • Be visible. Add in social media to connect and build relationships with prospects.
  • Use Omni Channel methods to stay visible across various communication channels. 
  • Stay top-of-mind.
  • Engage by liking, commenting and sharing on prospects’ posts
  • Add value by offering to help expand prospect exposure.


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