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Top Sales Techniques to Crush it in Commercial Real Estate (2019)

We’ve distilled the top sales techniques into a single list with the goal of making 2018 more successful for your  business.  With sales techniques covering commercial real estate efficiency and strategy, this short list can guide you to prosperity in your business.  Whenever you find yourself working unnecessary overtime, or seeing a dip in your bottom line, skim through these top sales techniques to right the ship.

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3 Ways to Be Super Productive in an Open Office Environment

There’s a lot of discussion about the open office and whether it really helps you be more productive in a work environment. In a collaborative situation, it’s easy to see that having easier access to your colleagues could lead to better project collaboration and communication with the team. At the same time, if you need a lot of quiet concentration to get the job done, the open office plan may not be your first choice for an office environment. Continue reading

Increase Your Productivity and Creativity With Beer

Typically, when I think about grabbing beers with others, it’s usually to get inebriated,  act like idiots and have fun. However, since working at a startup with some beer aficionados (drunks?), I’ve come to realize that grabbing a beer or two can boost productivity and be beneficial to our business . I’ve noticed when I’m about one beer in (I’m a light-weight), the creative juices start to flow. Just the act of leaving the office and taking a break allows my brain to disengage and relax — letting it see problems from a different angle. And the beer greases the wheels, opening doors to new — and sometimes crazy — solutions.

I am in no way advocating going to work drunk, but I believe strongly that stopping work an hour or two earlier a couple times a month to grab a beer or two with your colleagues can increase productivity.

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Entrepreneur Hacks: Automating Your Rolodex

This is part of a series of posts where I’ll be sharing tricks and tools I leverage to get things done and be a more productive entrepreneur and CEO.

Entrepreneurs live and die by their rolodex.

Your network is everything. It’s the people in your contacts list that help you quickly raise a round of funding, recruit talented individuals and land a big customer.

Entrepreneurship is an extremely busy job. If you are, or have been, an entrepreneur, then you know how busy this role really is. Between building a business, building a product, fundraising, recruiting, working with your attorney, working with your accountant, managing a team, selling, marketing and executing, there’s very little room to do anything else.

Tons of important stuff that we should do that just never gets done — like keeping your contacts up-to-date and organized. This task is very important if you plan on raising money, recruiting new talent or getting more customers — which are pretty much the key roles of a CEO. To help you optimize your time spent managing your contacts. you must pick up good tools and tricks available.

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