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Letter Of Intent To Purchase Commercial Real Estate PDF & Word Document [Template]

Updated February 16, 2021

If you’re looking for a sample template for a Letter of Intent to Purchase Commercial Real Estate in PDF or MS Word format, we’ve got your back!

In a commercial real estate purchase, the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) serves as a negotiating device that outlines all of the terms the Buyer & Seller have agreed to before entering into a Purchase & Sale Agreement contract.

LOIs are also used in commercial real estate leases. For a Sample Letter of Intent to Lease commercial property, please go here.

Once you’ve found a commercial property for sale that you are interested in purchasing, you will to draft a proposal (also known as: a Letter of Intent) To Purchase Commercial Real estate to start the negotiation process.

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Real Estate Virtual Assistant: When & How to Hire One

Real Estate Virtual Assistants can help residential & commercial real estate agents significantly multiply the commissions they earn.

Then why do a majority of agents not use them?

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7 Amazing Office Design Ideas in 2020

With each passing day, the competitive nature of the corporate world is on the rise. Competitiveness in the industry is not just limited to work, output, and profit, but further encompasses workplace aesthetics, to attract the crème de la crème. Investing in office decor, sustainable spaces, and the addition of various amenities for the employees seems to be very advantageous, evident by the design trends seen in the modern workplaces today. Such creativity-inducing spaces help incorporate innovation at work and enable the employees to perform to the best of their potential.

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What Is Class A Office Space? Is It Right For You?

Updated February 17, 2021

Class A office space can be the creme de la creme of commercial real estate, but only when the premium amenities that come with Class A office space are important to your organization’s goals. When reviewing your options, your tenant broker should be guiding you through a conversation to identify what those priorities are and how to best align your operations with your real estate. The purpose of this blog post is to not only educate you on what Class A office space is, but give you professional insights to consider before signing the dotted line.

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5 Reasons Why Workplace Lighting Matters More Than You Think

Light helps us to see things around. In our workplaces, we need sufficient lighting to ensure that we can move around with ease and see what we are doing – maybe see below the desk when sweeping. At least that is what the basic thought that comes when we talk about light. But there is more that you need to know about workplace lighting than meets the eye.

This post addresses five of the reasons you need light – sufficient and of the true nature – at your workplace. Whether you are working from an office setup, a shared workspace, or home next to your bed, the rules are the same. Light is a necessity for optimal performance and wellbeing.

Here are the five top reasons you need workplace lighting

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Gym Space for Rent – Challenges & How to Find Property

Are you finding gym space to rent? Searching for this type of property can be one of the hardest requirements in Commercial Real Estate. Below we’ll go over some of the challenges and what to expect as you’re searching for commercial gym space for rent.

The Challenges of Searching Gym Space for Rent

1. Zoning Requirements & Excessive Parking

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Top Sales Techniques to Crush it in Commercial Real Estate (2019)

We’ve distilled the top sales techniques into a single list with the goal of making 2018 more successful for your  business.  With sales techniques covering commercial real estate efficiency and strategy, this short list can guide you to prosperity in your business.  Whenever you find yourself working unnecessary overtime, or seeing a dip in your bottom line, skim through these top sales techniques to right the ship.

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How Much Office Space Do I Need? (Free Calculator)

Many of our friends who run businesses always ask us, “How much Office Space Do I Need”?

Chuck it to the fact that we’re a commercial real estate listing service and our in-depth expertise of the commercial office space world.

The answer may seem simple, but often times is not.

The short answer to how much office space you need is that it depends on the number of employees you have, and the floor plan build-out your business is going to need. When you hear the word, “build-out”, it means things like private offices, copier rooms, cubicle areas, reception, break rooms, etc.

In this post we will be showing you how to quickly calculate a rough ballpark of how much office space you need in less than 30 seconds using the number of employees. We’ll also be showing you how to get a more accurate gauge on how much office space you need using our free handy office space calculator excel spreadsheet.

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Modified Gross Lease (Commercial Real Estate Definition)

Modified Gross Lease is a type of a rental arrangement between a commercial property tenant and landlord. Modified Gross Leases are also referred to as “MG Leases“.

The types of properties where you typically find Modified Gross Lease rent structures are, office space, warehouse space, retail space and some live/work facilities. The most common property type to have Modified Gross leases are industrial & warehouse properties.

In modified gross leases, a landlord will quote a rent to the tenant that not only includes the base rent, but also includes your proportionate share of other expenses associated with the property. These expenses are things like property taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities.

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Office Spaces For Lease Near Me [How to Find Yours Now]

If you do a search for “office spaces for lease near me” you will get a ton of results.

The trick is to know which search result to click on so you can find office space near you without wasting any time or energy.

So that’s what we’re going to try to help you achieve today.


1) Do a Google search for: office spaces for lease near me

office spaces for lease near me


You will get some search results like these. Ignore the Google Maps listings. Continue reading

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