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Modified Gross Lease (Commercial Real Estate Definition)

Modified Gross Lease is a type of a rental arrangement between a commercial property tenant and landlord. Modified Gross Leases are also referred to as “MG Leases“.

The types of properties where you typically find Modified Gross Lease rent structures are, office space, warehouse space, retail space and some live/work facilities. The most common property type to have Modified Gross leases are industrial & warehouse properties.

In modified gross leases, a landlord will quote a rent to the tenant that not only includes the base rent, but also includes your proportionate share of other expenses associated with the property. These expenses are things like property taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities.

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Office Spaces For Lease Near Me [How to Find Yours Now]

If you do a search for “office spaces for lease near me” you will get a ton of results.

The trick is to know which search result to click on so you can find office space near you without wasting any time or energy.

So that’s what we’re going to try to help you achieve today.


1) Do a Google search for: office spaces for lease near me

office spaces for lease near me


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AirBnB for Office Space Websites [The Complete List]

AirBnB for Office Space websites offer a radical new way for businesses to rent commercial property

A majority of commercial real estate listing portals like LoopNet and CoStar focus on long-term leasing of space. 

Finding websites that offer short-term and flexible lease terms can be hard to find.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled an entire list of the websites you can use to find flexible AirBnB-like office spaces:

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What is a Creative Office Space? [3 Key Characteristics]

 The term “creative office space” is easily thrown around. So, what is creative office space? By definition, a creative office space is any office that falls outside of a traditional layout (plenty of private offices on the perimeter and cubicles).  It is a thoughtfully designed space that invokes creativity, flexibility, and collaboration. 

What is creative office space? Here are 3 key characteristics:

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Zillow Commercial Real Estate Listings? (where to look)

So, you’re scouring the internet trying to find Zillow Commercial Real Estate Listings but can’t find them. You’re not alone. Thousands of people try finding commercial real estate listings on Zillow every month without success.

Finding commercial property on Zillow can be a real pain, but there’s a reason.

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Top 4 Sales Tips to Become a Successful Commercial Real Estate Broker

Venturing into the commercial real estate industry can be challenging. As a broker, there is a lot required for you to succeed. Strategic planning, proper market research, and adopting the latest industry trends are some of the things that will enable you achieve success in commercial real estate. In this article we have compiled a few top sales tips for commercial real estate that will skyrocket your success.

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Gain More Commercial Real Estate Referrals with 3 Easy Tactics

Building your business can be tough, especially if you’re trying to do majority of the sales work yourself. The best way to build your business and start having clients contact you is to get great sales referrals from existing clients, or from potential clients you can seek out to develop a relationship with for long term gain. Here are 3 easy ways to get more commercial real estate referrals.

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Entice Commercial Real Estate Tenants and Buyers to Open Your Email

Commercial real estate brokers  have a tough job. Unlike residential real estate agents, who have millions of homes to sell and buy with clients, commercial space is at more of a premium and therefore requires a lot more effort on the part of the commercial real estate broker . While it can be a lot of work to build a great list of tenants and buyers in the commercial space, there are a number of ways to get your clients onboard through commercial real estate email subject lines.

Here are a few ways you can get started writing great commercial real estate email subject lines:

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Using Video Email to Gain More Commercial Real Estate Deals

Commercial real estate brokers often find that getting in front of prospects is their number one problem. Agents and salespeople are typically better in person, but if the prospect won’t book a meeting or answer your calls, you’re stuck using phone and email. There has to be something better, right? Well, it turns out you can reach your prospects more effectively with video email.

What is video email? According to, by simply sending a video of yourself in an email to your prospect, you’ll quickly be on your way to gaining more commercial real estate deals. BombBomb users get 81% more replies from prospects, 68% more lead conversions and 56% of their users even get more referrals, just from sending quick videos within their emails!

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How to Find Hot Sales Leads for CRE in Your Email List

Finding hot sales leads looking for commercial real estate can be a hard task for any salesperson. There are many options available to you such as social media engagement, cold calling and referrals. Another way to find hot sales leads looking for commercial real estate is  by looking in your own email list.

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