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Jon Ferrara, Founder of Nimble and Goldmine CRM

Digsy CEO, Andrew Bermudez, sits down with Nimble Founder & CEO, Jon Ferrara, who shares how he has grown both Nimble and former startup, Goldmine CRM without employing salespeople. This interview is packed with insight and great ideas. Watch the full video interview below.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jon is a trained engineer, turned sales genius
  • How he successfully bootstrapped his first startup, Goldmine CRM
  • How Goldmine CRM was acquired by Frontrange Solutions
  • How Nimble leverages social data and social signals to grow sales

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How This Startup Bootstrapped & Got to Revenue in 30 Days

DealTree.com and Cowboom.com and BestBuy

[Video] How Garry Heath of OC Startup DealTree.com (acquired by BestBuy.com)  Built a Tech Startup that Got to Revenue in 30 Days

Join Co-Founder & CEO of Digsy Andrew Bermudez in an interview with Orange County tech startup entrepreneur Garry Heath about how he created a tech startup that got to revenue in its first month in business and how he built an electronics price data automation algorithm to scale quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Bootstrap and get to revenue is all about the channel: Garry hooked up with www.Buy.com to get supply to sell
  • How he created the 1st comps system to dynamically price electronics resales and optimize sales times
  • How to attract great talent at 30% below market and retain them
  • Why BestBuy acquired DealTree.com

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The Growth Hacks Fueling Tidy’s Explosive Growth (Video)

Tidy is one of the fastest growing local services startups in Southern California. You’ll be surprised to learn how their Founder & CEO, Kristen Schmitt is growth hacking Tidy’s explosive growth without SEO and SEM. We met Tidy when helped them find office space to rent in Orange County, California.


  • Tidy recreates the Ritz Carlton experience in your own home
  • Tidy uses several growth hacks yielding amazing ROI for the company
  • Kristen shares the tools they use at Tidy to communicate and be more productive

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