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What is Commercial Real Estate?

What is Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is an essential part of the real estate economy, and yet some consumers may never realize what commercial real estate represents. Simply, commercial real estate is any type of real estate that is not residential real estate. Most people think of homes and condos when they think of the real estate market, but the commercial real estate market includes everything from office buildings to stadiums and even vacant land. Anything where people don’t live and sleep could be considered “commercial” depending on the use.

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Legal Cannabis and Commercial Real Estate

The real estate market for legal cannabis has always been a complicated world. Conditional use permits are subject to municipal zoning laws which, for a long time, had had little or no direction from the state governments. Even now as more and more states are voting for the adoption of medical and recreational legalization, the federal government and the unknown stance of President Elect Trump’s cabinet has thrown another layer of confusion into this already confounding situation. Continue reading →

What Does the Microsoft LinkedIn Acquisition Mean for the CRE Industry?

You probably heard the news Thursday morning about Microsoft getting European clearance to acquire LinkedIn and the acquisition deal closing. has been kicking and screaming to press regulators not to allow the Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition to go through.

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What is a CAM Charge? – Commercial Real Estate

What is CAM?

If you are in the market for Commercial Real Estate and you end up leasing some space in a multi-tenant business park, you will most likely see a monthly fee that is represented by the acronym CAM. This “CAM” stands for “Common Area Maintenance.” When you lease property in a multi-tenant business park, you do not lease the entire property. You lease a portion of the property with other tenants on the same property. In these instances, each tenant is responsible to maintain the interior of their respective units.

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What is a Net Charge (NNN)?

A net charge (NNN) is a type of charge that comes in conjunction with a net lease that requires the tenant to take on some of the expenses which would typically be paid by the owner. If you are a broker and are representing an owner, a net charge is the owner’s best friend. If you are representing a tenant it is something to be made sure to be regulated or avoided altogether.

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Finding the BEST DAMN Commercial Real Estate Agent

Finding the right commercial real estate agent for your specific needs can be incredibly difficult. What qualities in a commercial real estate agent should you be looking for to find the BEST DAMN one for you?

First and foremost, you have to decide which side of the negotiations table you are on

There are 2 common transactions:

  • SALE:  The property owner vs. the buyer
  • LEASE:  The landlord vs. the tenant

A commercial real estate agent that represents property owners are involved in “Agency Leasing”. These agents are also known as “Listing Agents”. “Listing Agents” are specialists in a certain territory (regions) and product type (Industrial, Office, Retail and Land). They also work to maximize the benefits for their client – the property owner. Continue reading →

Sample Letter of Intent for Commercial Lease

Sample Letter of Intent (LOI) for commercial leases. The Letter of Intent is very important negotiation instrument that you will need when renting or buying  commercial space.

If you’re in the process of searching for commercial real estate or negotiating a commercial lease, you will need access to a letter of intent to start negotiating with Landlords and Sellers of commercial property. There are 2 main variations of Letter of Intent (LOI) documents. One is for leases and one is for purchases. In this post we will give you access to the Lease version of the Letter of Intent.

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RSF vs USF: Rentable Square Feet Vs. Usable

RSF and USF? What does it mean when a commercial real estate Owner or Agent says “rentable square feet” or “Usable square feet”?

Don’t worry, Digsy has your back!

When you lease a space in a commercial real estate building there are 2 type of square footages for each space. One is the RSF (rentable square footage) and the other is the USF (usable square footage).

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What does MG stand for? – Commercial Real Estate

MG also known as “Modified Gross” rent is a rent type often used in commercial real estate transactions. Commercial Real Estate has all sorts of terms and acronyms for rent and industry terms.  It is very important to familiarize yourself with these terms if you’re a prospective tenant, a property owner, or even a Commercial Real Estate Agent or Broker.  One term or acronym that many people are not familiar with is MG.   

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What does LOI Stand For? – Commercial Real Estate

LOI is an abbreviation that can mean different things depending in the industry in which it is used. In commercial real estate “LOI” stands for “Letter of Intent”.

LOIs or Letters of Intent are negotiation instruments used during the initial stages of a commercial real estate transaction to reach an agreement on the terms of the lease or sale of a property. The transaction can be a purchase or a lease of a property or space.

An LOI is a non-binding proposal, offer or agreement between the Buyer and Seller or Tenant and Landlord of a commercial property. The LOI is the 1st formal step between the property owner and tenant (or buyer) to negotiate the terms of a commercial real estate transaction.  

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