How to Get a Free LoopNet Login

Updated: January 23, 2019

Getting access to all the listings in commercial real estate might require more than just surfing the net; knowing exactly where to look makes things easier. Hence the heavy traffic on LoopNet. The site provides the most listings in commercial real estate. But accessing premium listing on LoopNet, after the free trial period, requires a fee.

Having a free LoopNet login will improve your chances of getting your desired location. To get a free login, check out the tips below:

Most commercial real estate agents have premium access to listings on LoopNet. You can usually get access to the list by going through an agent. Pick from the top commercial real estate firms such as JLL, CBRE, Marcus and Millichap, etc. Then, contact one of the agents from the firm and communicate your commercial real estate interest. Try to be as specific as you can about the kind of space you want. The agent may give you some ideas, so listen first. Then ask if you can be provided with a list of spaces with your specifications.

You can also ask a friend if they know an agent willing to give you access to premium listings on LoopNet. They might be willing to give you their free LoopNet login details.

If you are not able to obtain a free LoopNet login, their are many other listing sites at your disposal.

Here are some good alternatives if you can’t find a free LoopNet login:

Digsy: Access commercial real estate listings, office space, industrial space, warehouse space and retail space for lease or sale. Digsy’s full service provides searchers with free assistance from its market experts to get a hold of landlords and brokers, schedule tours and negotiate the terms of your leases or purchase. With over 1.4 million property listings on the site, you are sure to find a commercial property that best suits your desire without the need of a free LoopNet login.

Craigslist: This may surprise you, but the site has proven to be the hub of classified advertisements. Finding a commercial real estate listing from the thousands of property listings on Craigslist is not far-fetched. If an office space is what you seek, getting one on is a sure bet. For businesses of any kind, including start-ups, large scale, and small businesses, provides a variety of commercial real estate listings. If you want access to listings of offices spaces, retail space, and warehouses, has got you covered. Instant Offices provides office space solutions by matching the right business to an office and grasping the complex requirements of clients. The site covers all the available listings in commercial real estate such as office space, warehouse, retail, etc.

Property line: For a national database of commercial real estate, you can visit property line to get the listings of all the available spaces. They provide access to a variety of office spaces you can choose from.

If you want to skip the part of searching for an agent to provide you with a free LoopNet login, you can also use to be connected to an agent and also get listings from LoopNet and other commercial real estate sites available. Visit Get Digsy today and find a free LoopNet login.

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