Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Bloggers of 2015

There are 3 things we eat, live and breathe at Digsy: Commercial Real Estate Technology, Office Space and Great Blogs!

Here are the best commercial real estate blogs from commercial real estate agents and techies that we absolutely love reading.

1) Duke Long — Duke Long Agency

Duke Long Blog

Twitter: @DukeLong

Duke blogs about commercial real estate technology, trends and his thoughts on the industry. He is one of the most entertaining and upfront people you will ever meet in the industry.


2) Michael Bull — Bull Realty

The Commercial Real Estate Show Podcast & Blog

Twitter: @bullrealty

Michael blogs, podcasts and records interviews with commercial real estate industry professionals. He provides unprecedented access to highly influential individuals in the commercial property business.


3) Coy Davidson, Colliers International

The Tenant Advisor Blog

Twitter: @CoyDavidsonCRE

Coy is a commercial real estate tenant representation agent based out of Houston, Texas. He blogs about strategies and money saving techniques for tenants looking to relocate their commercial real estate facilities. Coy is also an avid technology lover and you can see him post pictures of him blogging at a coffee shop or craft beer brewery out of his iPad 🙂


4) Chris Clark — CRE Outsider

CRE Outsider Blog

Twitter: @creoutsider

Chris is a commercial real estate technologist and consultant that carefully follows industry trends and technological advances that help the industry move forward. She helps commercial real estate brokerage and professionals to easily adopt technology to grow their revenues.


5) Allen Buchanan — Lee & Associates

Location Advice Blog

Twitter: @allencbuchanan

Allen is an Orange California Commercial Real Estate Agent, Senior Vice President & Partner at Lee & Associates. Allen blogs about vacancy trends, commercial real estate tips for tenants and creates highly engaging video blogs to help his colleagues and clients.


6) Howard Kline — CRE Radio

CRE Radio Podcast & Blog

Twitter: @CREradio

Howard is a commercial real estate attorney & broker. But don’t let that fool you. Howard is one of the techiest commercial real estate professionals I have ever met. In fact, he got an iPhone 6+ and an iPad before I did. Freakin’ impossible! Howard conducts amazing podcasts and video interviews with influential commercial real estate industry professionals and asks amazing questions that help the audience improve their businesses. If you’re not reading, watching or listening to Howard on CRE Radio — you’re severely missing out!


7) Chris Fyvie — Colliers International

Office Search Toronto Blog

Twitter: @chrisfyvie

Chris is Associate Vice President of Colliers International, Canada, and a master commercial real estate tenant representation broker. Like most of us commercial real estate bloggers, Chris is also a technology & media lover and uses it to move his business forward and help his clients achieve their commercial real estate goals.


8) Barbi Reuter — PICOR / Cushman & Wakefield

PICOR Commercial Blog

Twitter: @BarbiReuter

Barbi is the COO of PICOR Commercial real estate. She’s one of the most active commercial real estate bloggers on the web and highly engage on social media. If you lookup the hashtag #CRE, you will find Barbi providing amazing insight on commercial real estate trends.


9) Linda Day Harrison — The Broker List

TheBrokerList Blog

Twitter: @dayharrison

Linda is the founder of TheBrokerList a social & professional network for commercial real estate professionals. Linda blogs about commercial real estate market, technology, data and industry trends. She’s one of the most influential people in social media and you will witness her in action on Twitter.


10) Bo Barron — Hollison

Bo Barron Blog

Twitter: @BoBarronCCIM

Bo is a former commercial real estate agent with Sperry Van Ness and now VP of Communications for Hollison – a food tech startup. Bo frequently blogs about commercial real estate, sales tactics and CRE technology. Although currently VP of Communications for Hollison, Bo is also a commercial real estate coach for Massimo Group.


We have a lot more bloggers that we absolutely love reading, listening to and watching. Sorry we couldn’t fit you in the list.


Please leave Digsy a note in the comments below to tell us who else you think we should include in our next list of CRE Bloggers.

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Written by Andrew Bermudez

Andrew is the co-founder & CEO of Digsy, a free online platform that helps local business owners save time & money finding their dream office, retail & warehouse space. Before Digsy, Andrew was Senior Vice President & Principal of Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services in Irvine, California. He's a 12 year commercial real estate brokerage veteran specializing in representing tenants, buyers and landlords.

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  1. Thanks, Andrew! And one of the perks of blogging has been meeting people like you. Keep moving CRE forward!

  2. Andrew,

    Thank you so much for the sweet write up here and for including so many of my dear friends too! You are right that there are many more out there and I hope they keep the awesome content coming for us all. You are amazing in all you do for the industry and I wish you much success with GetDigsy!!

    Thanks so much, I am honored!


  3. Being number Five would have been cooler… but thanks for the mention!!

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Everyone in our office really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing!

    I work for the Coppola Cheney group at Lee & Associates, and we also produce a weekly blog via our website which reaches approximately 30,000 people per week. We would love the opportunity to be featured on your next list of top 10 commercial real estate bloggers and would greatly appreciate some feedback.

    Our postings can be found on our website at and is titled “Weekly Narrative”. We look forward to speaking with you, and thank you again!


  5. Interesting article and some good points. Another great resource I found on learning Commercial Real Estate is

  6. Laura Goldberg

    May 14, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks for this great list of commercial real estate blogs! I work for Newmark Moses Tucker Partners, a commercial real estate firm in Arkansas, and while we do not have a blog of our own just yet, we always appreciate quality content from fellow firms in the industry. Definitely bookmarking a few of these! Thank you!