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How Get Your Startup Funded in Orange County (Video)

Learn How to Close a Round of Funding for Your Tech Startup in Orange County. This is a Video Interview between Digsy CEO, Andrew Bermudez and Robin Pimentel, Venture Partner @ K5 Ventures

Key Takeaways:

  • Robin is a platform engineer who has worked at Google and Facebook
  • Prior to becoming a VC, Robin built GaiKai’s On-Demand Video Game Streaming Platform
  • What key traits Robin looks for in an Entrepreneur when deciding to fund them or not
  • Tips on how to successfully raise money in Southern California and get funded

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How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Startup Without Salespeople

Jon Ferrara, Founder of Nimble and Goldmine CRM

Digsy CEO, Andrew Bermudez, sits down with Nimble Founder & CEO, Jon Ferrara, who shares how he has grown both Nimble and former startup, Goldmine CRM without employing salespeople. This interview is packed with insight and great ideas. Watch the full video interview below.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jon is a trained engineer, turned sales genius
  • How he successfully bootstrapped his first startup, Goldmine CRM
  • How Goldmine CRM was acquired by Frontrange Solutions
  • How Nimble leverages social data and social signals to grow sales

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The Growth Hacks Fueling Tidy’s Explosive Growth (Video)

Tidy is one of the fastest growing local services startups in Southern California. You’ll be surprised to learn how their Founder & CEO, Kristen Schmitt is growth hacking Tidy’s explosive growth without SEO and SEM.


  • Tidy recreates the Ritz Carlton experience in your own home
  • Tidy uses several growth hacks yielding amazing ROI for the company
  • Kristen shares the tools they use at Tidy to communicate and be more productive

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How Busy Business Owners Can Use Yelp to Find More Customers

Busy Entrepreneurs Use Yelp to Grow Their BusinessesThe idea to increase sales revenue in your business using Yelp may seem farfetched but to be honest its not. With the right information, busy entrepreneurs can convert Yelp into a powerful cornerstone to help build their online presence & take revenue to a whole new level. The good thing is there aren’t too many technicalities involved. In fact, making the best out of Yelp is just a matter of getting the simple things right. There are a number of innovative marketing strategies through which busy entrepreneurs can use Yelp to build and grow their local service or product based business into a successful entity bringing in substantial sums in revenue. You don’t have to be a restaurant for Yelp to empower your business. Consumers turn to yelp for advice on Dentists, CPAs, Doctors, Financial Planners and other Products. Here is a quick list of strategies you can explore.

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