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How to Get a Free LoopNet Login

Getting access to all the listings in commercial real estate might require more than just surfing the net; knowing exactly where to look makes things easier. Hence the heavy traffic on LoopNet. The site provides the most listings in commercial real estate. But accessing premium listing on LoopNet, after the free trial period, requires a fee.

Having a free LoopNet login will improve your chances of getting your desired location. To get a free login, check out the tips below:

Most commercial real estate agents have premium access to listings on LoopNet. You can usually get access to the list by going through an agent. Pick from the top commercial real estate firms such as JLL, CBRE, Marcus and Millichap, etc. Then, contact one of the agents from the firm and communicate your commercial real estate interest. Try to be as specific as you can about the kind of space you want. The agent may give you some ideas, so listen first. Then ask if you can be provided with a list of spaces with your specifications.

You can also ask a friend if they know an agent willing to give you access to premium listings on LoopNet. They might be willing to give you their free LoopNet login details.

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What is a Cap Rate in Commercial Real Estate?

The cap rate, also known as the Capitalization Rate, is the ratio of Net Operating Income (NOI) to the property asset value, and is a great metric to determine property values relative to other similar commercial properties. The use of a cap rate as a comparison method is especially useful in multi-family and other leasing properties. Continue reading →

3 Ways to Be Super Productive in an Open Office Environment

There’s a lot of discussion about the open office and whether it really helps you be more productive in a work environment. In a collaborative situation, it’s easy to see that having easier access to your colleagues could lead to better project collaboration and communication with the team. At the same time, if you need a lot of quiet concentration to get the job done, the open office plan may not be your first choice for an office environment.   Continue reading →

What’s Included in a NNN Charge?

If you are considering leasing commercial real estate, you have probably come across listings which include NNN or triple net charges for the lease. A commercial lease typically includes the base lease rent for the property and may also include a NNN or other management or brokerage fees. A commercial lease with a NNN charge means that there are additional charges on the property that are typically passed on to the tenants in the form of a monthly fee or triple net charge. Continue reading →

Tips on How to Buy Commercial Property

Buying commercial real estate is a little different than buying a residence that you might live in with your family. The laws that protect you when you are buying a family home, may not apply when you buy commercial property.

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What is Commercial Real Estate?

What is Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is an essential part of the real estate economy, and yet some consumers may never realize what commercial real estate represents. Simply, commercial real estate is any type of real estate that is not residential real estate. Most people think of homes and condos when they think of the real estate market, but the commercial real estate market includes everything from office buildings to stadiums and even vacant land. Anything where people don’t live and sleep could be considered “commercial” depending on the use.

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Legal Cannabis and Commercial Real Estate

The real estate market for legal cannabis has always been a complicated world. Conditional use permits are subject to municipal zoning laws which, for a long time, had had little or no direction from the state governments. Even now as more and more states are voting for the adoption of medical and recreational legalization, the federal government and the unknown stance of President Elect Trump’s cabinet has thrown another layer of confusion into this already confounding situation. Continue reading →

What Does the Microsoft LinkedIn Acquisition Mean for the CRE Industry?

You probably heard the news Thursday morning about Microsoft getting European clearance to acquire LinkedIn and the acquisition deal closing. has been kicking and screaming to press regulators not to allow the Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition to go through.

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What is a CAM Charge? – Commercial Real Estate

What is CAM?

If you are in the market for Commercial Real Estate and you end up leasing some space in a multi-tenant business park, you will most likely see a monthly fee that is represented by the acronym CAM. This “CAM” stands for “Common Area Maintenance.” When you lease property in a multi-tenant business park, you do not lease the entire property. You lease a portion of the property with other tenants on the same property. In these instances, each tenant is responsible to maintain the interior of their respective units.

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What is a Net Charge (NNN)?

A net charge (NNN) is a type of charge that comes in conjunction with a net lease that requires the tenant to take on some of the expenses which would typically be paid by the owner. If you are a broker and are representing an owner, a net charge is the owner’s best friend. If you are representing a tenant it is something to be made sure to be regulated or avoided altogether.

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